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Fish and Meat Skills Training School
Tel: +44 (0)1473 270757

Meat Skills Training School

Tel: +44 (0)1473 270757

Meat Apprenticeships

All Apprenticeships lead to a Level 2 or Level 3 Certificate for Proficiency in Meat and Poultry Industry Skills and Functional Skills.

If you are keen to enter the world of work but don’t want to stop studying, then an Apprenticeship could be the answer. Apprenticeships offer a practical balance between learning new skills and earning a living.

We offer bespoke training using modern interactive materials which can be tailored to match the needs of our customers. This can be anything from setting up a butchery retail unit to a training package for 200 staff in customer service.

Some of us enjoyed school and some of us did not. Whichever the case, an Apprenticeship can get you a valuable qualification. An Apprenticeship in the meat industry is a full-time job with structured training and teaching towards a Level 2.

How much will I earn?
It will be at least minimum wage and usually a lot more. Currently the national minimum wage (reviewed every April) is:

£7.50 - aged 25 years and over - £7.83 from April 2018
£7.05 - workers 21 - 24 - £7.38 from April 2018
£5.60 - 18 - 20 years - £5.90 from April 2018
£4.05 - 16 - 17 year olds - £4.20 from April 2018
£3.50 -  Apprentice wage (aged under 19, when aged 19 and in the first year of Apprenticeship) - £3.70 from April 2018

How do I learn and get qualified?
A log book is issued to the student with the criteria that has to be met. Once the assessor, student and employer feel that the student has completed the log book and has gained the necessary skills, the student can then be submitted to complete their end point assessment. The end point assessment will consist of a practical exam, knowledge exam and professional discussion.

Your assessor will visit you regularly to assess your practical skills, review your progress and set objectives with you and your employer. You are given a portfolio with training DVDs and workbooks to complete.

What are the entry requirements
In order to join the Apprenticeship you will need to be keen, motivated, show initiative and be literate and numerate (although in some cases additional support can be given).

Please understand that the Apprenticeship is suitable for those who are prepared to work hard and organise themselves in order to meet agreed objectives (there is homework involved). This is a demanding qualification but it will prove invaluable if you want a progressive career within the meat/food industry.

Will I get help if I need it?
Yes, we will help you every step of the way (before, during and after the course). Whilst you are on the course we will call you every 2 weeks to offer support during regular tutorials over the telephone. You can always contact MEAT whenever you may need to by telephone or by email.

Will I have to go to college?
No it is not requirement but it may be beneficial to attend MEAT Ipswich, if you can not attend MEAT you will have to complete off-the-job training where 20% of the student's working hours must be spent training. MEAT is easily accessible by all modes of transport and also has ample parking.

What qualifications will I get?
A Level 2 Standards in Butchery Certificate and Functional Skills Certificates in English and Maths. Level 2 awards in Food Safety, Health and Safety and Knife Skills.

How long does it take?
A lot depends on you - how quickly you learn. Usually 13 - 18 months.

What are the qualifications worth?
Equivalent to 5 GCSE grades A-C.

Can I get more qualifications?
Yes. You can progress to the Advanced Apprenticeship - Level 3 Standards in Butchery, HACCP Level 2 and Functional Skills Level 2 in English and Maths and you will need to attend Ipswich 4 times a year for 3 day blocks.

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